The most asked question about voip is about how to start using it. Therefore I have briefly prepared a small how-to guide for those new to voip.

What do I need?

Well the first question is do I have the recommended broadband plan and speed to accommodate the demands a voip call ask of it? We recommend having atleast a 512kbps/128kbps connection with a modem/router that has QoS (Qaulity of Service) capabilities. This will enable you to configure the modem/router to prioritise the voice data over other Internet requests.

Obviously if you’re Internet service is higher than recommended than the number of simultaneous calls that you can make will increase.

Minimum hardware configuration:

To get started all you really require on top of what you have now is a program that you can configure to connect to our Voip Server (another name for this is the SIP server). These softwares are called Softphones.

Alternatively if you prefer to use your normal telephone, then you can, by using a broadband router that is also a voip gateway. It’s just a matter of configuring the broadband router with the SIP server details, your username and password.

For Businesses

Generally for a business that has three or more people, a voice router such as the Voice Router VR-1 is really handy as a call manager. It can act like your digital receptionist by directing the call to the right department depending on what queue the caller dialed.

If you would like to know more or have further questions, please feel free to contact us on 1300 304 288.